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Sant Antoni de Portmany
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Ibiza, the Spanish island situated on the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the four inhabited islands of the Balearic Islands, and also the third largest and the population. The area of ??the island are 571 square kilometers, permanently inhabited by more than 100,000 inhabitants. The main income of the island is widely developed tourism, I would say - perfectly developed tourism, as well as the cultivation of olives, citrus, almonds and fishing. Despite its small size, the island in season every minute the plane lands with a set of passengers, especially the British and the Germans, because they are the largest group of tourists on the island of Ibiza. We met there also several Russians, Norwegians, of course, the Spaniards from the south of the country and six Poles.

The island lizards, of which there are thousands, perhaps millions? has a reputation for the most entertainment island in Europe, it is quite an empire of entertainment, giant clubs (there are about 700 on the island), which can accommodate one night more than 200,000 people, is also the place of arrival of the best DJs from around the world. Ibiza day never ends, and for most young people reaching the island, the day begins until about 18:00 ends before 08:00 when discos are closed.

Ibiza was my unfulfilled dream that was born about 7 years ago. For nearly 80 months I dreamed to reach the island and find a sun-burnt climate little inspiration of music that was created here and in wonderful countryside, lovely, azure bays full of relaxation and satisfaction.

The island was my star, my top one among European islands and the image I kept in mind from the moment when I first heard the kind of music that originated in a modest club in Ibiza, situated on the seafront. The very name of the island as well as the name of the genre that changed my life was giving me always a slight shiver. Although it is a trifle, every time I experience it very.

Ibiza is the word ideal to my ears, it's also a car that I chose not to accidentally everyday driving.

Chill Out, so called because the genre of music created on the island is not just music. This is my way of life, the problems on the approach to the world, the people on the unusual experience at all.

Turquoise, turquoise intense is the color that I love, it's the color that always looking on each island, each bay, the bay, and even in port. It is also the color of the car that ... and so it. The color of the sea oblewającego Ibiza is said to merit the aquatic weed called Neptune grass, which oxygenates the sea water at maximum speed.

To sum up: Ibiza Chill Out turquoise island and this is my world. Yes, there are the world's islands nieprzepełnione party supply tourists, loud clubs, and even more interesting shade of the sea, but none of the names does not work on my imagination as Ibiza.

Fifth day of July of this year I finished after about 25 days to prepare a plan exploring the Croatian island of Korcula. Maps, maps, weather information, timetables, camping, restaurants, everything was already nicely stitched and waiting to leave. When they were three days, I changed my decision.

Either now or never! And although in the era of today's highly developed logistics and air transport flight to Ibiza is not a problem in Germany it every time when I thought about the island, there was a problem with access, due to lack of direct links with the Polish. Long did not know or did not want to know how to bite about connections Poland - Ibiza, but when he appeared Agatka, modest girl, turn the bride, and now I can safely write because of changes in marital status - married, Ibiza thoughts came to me extremely smoothly. I never lacked the desire to take on new challenges, never lacked the ideas for trips, and never felt the fear of going to the south, north, east or west ... but obviously I missed the second "half" to take a spontaneous decision and thus fulfill my dream island top.

July 14 about 15:00 we went by bus in the direction of the Costa Brava in Spain. Transport Krakow - Blanes provided us Krakow travel agency Olimp, which unfortunately does not have in its offer of Ibiza, but has several destination definitely worthy of attention. As always sincerely we recommend, as it often had an opportunity to check up on their offer live - on land, on the island, in the mountains. Thus, we would like to thank you for everything, Olympus - thanks a lot. We are happy!

Bus carrying a group of tourists to Blanes and Lloret de Mar, including us and was extremely modern and comfortable. The several journey led by the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and France. On the way it was planned 10-hour layover in Monaco, so we spent a few hours in this tiny, monstrously rich country. Staying in Monaco can change a man, but the tell in relation to the one-day stay. The rest of the roads led a beautiful scenic route, the South of France. After watching the movie on the bus pretty quickly we fell asleep. The next day trip woke up around 6 am already in Blanes, we got off the bus. Tourists from Polish and it was mostly a group of young people (camp), people went to the campsite, and, we also entered behind them. We did not want to stay as true to the Costa Brava, but take a bath ... with great desire. We used the moment and quickly czmychnęliśmy the showers. There is nothing like the morning (...) and shower. In the meantime, when Sally was taking a shower, I jumped to the next situated mini - supermarket and bought the first Spanish baguette for breakfast. Once we were both refreshed, we set foot on his journey.




Blanes, with camping Roca went from "home on the back", weighing a total of 28 kg in the direction of the train station. I will not say the first 500 meters was clearly hard to go, especially for someone who does the job behind the desk, and I've never practiced a three week trip with a backpack. Although we tried to get out of the house only the most precious, the most useful thing in the whole dopakowaliśmy two 90 liter backpacks. After the first 500 meters to the railway station there are still about 1.5 kilometer shortcut that graven with satellite maps, prepare for quick trip to Ibiza from the technical side. After reaching the place, it turned out that my short indeed turned out to be good, because we saved about half a kilometer, but we arrived at the station from the side of the pupa and thus did not have to buy a ticket, because we arrived there this side of the goal ;-)

So I ran back to the platform and began to search for the "gaps" in the fence to enter the station as God commanded you. Gaps have not found (ehh is not PL) but found the bar by which barely barely przecisnęliśmy our modest backpacks. No, I'm already at the cash register, go easily and went. I bought two tickets once the railway network Renfe (Blanes - Barcelona, ??6th Zone, ? 4.35 per person) and we walked to the platform (hmm, here today we were ;-) Blanes provides frequent services to Barcelona. Thus, we did not wait long and after about 15 minutes we were on the train. Hour 8:30 temp. 29 degrees outside, the train was cool, air-conditioning turned on. Does Poland live to see such times? Let's move!

Travel by train network quickly has placed in our memory, and this is due to the position of the same track. More than 80 km coastline, only a few dozen meters from the sea along the Costa Brava. Beautiful, warm, and even a naturist beach along the way has permeated every man tired two-day trip put on their feet faster than black coffee. After about 90 minutes we arrived at the square Catalonia in Barcelona. From the square a little over two-kilometer walk Rambla, we arrived at the ferry terminal at the port of Acciona Trasmediterranea. Oh wow, I can not believe more than 2,000 km, two days travel and yet only one cash box. I dropped the backpack, Agatka passport and took a step, I went to buy the tickets. A nice lady in the window asking about the goal, I say "Ibiza" not believing that I can say, when asked, say that today about 22:00. Graphic ferries had in the finger, I prepared myself it being at home, so I was sure that today the ferry comes precisely at 22:00 from the port, the only problem is, if the tickets are not booked for them before ... and they were. I turned to Agatka and although the queue behind me had become large, I shouted with a banana on your face ... sail :-) It was a quick orgasm. Ms. course asked again, when back to what I said in Polish, that never, but I did not understand (sic!). So I dared to write on a piece of term return 21 days ahead.

We have tickets, we have an early hour, so we decide to do some sightseeing. This plan quickly we took out of your head in the Information. It turned out that there is no harbor any big boxes that we could rent for a few hours and leave backpacks. Well, we have about 10 hours of waiting, so we sleep after 5 hours per shift (one person guarding the luggage, the other sleeps). In the meantime, we were still on the coffee in the harbor restaurants and of course breakfast, which prepared on a bench on a busy street of Barcelona, ??thus causing smiles on the faces of Spanish. Food pride, polish pie tin with the Spanish baguette. Grr, I never take with him pies, no! What a damn thing.

When I arrived at 22:00 and gates were opened, I felt relieved. I thought I must be dreaming, and it is as normal today, which offer many possibilities. You only have a few days off, a pair of gold on the card and can be anywhere. We all know that, but the threshold which crossed at the luggage check at the port, made me strong emotions. It was a beautiful moment. Every moment of the trip is beautiful, but this was the strongest, other than all of them. So we go, hurray!

I forgot to write about a situation in the port, so that when we lay ourselves on our backpacks and went to the boy and asked us if we are with the Polish. Tymbark mineral water standing on the floor betrayed us? We talked a moment and then lost contact. After entering the ferry, we chose the place, turn the meal, evening toilet and through the window I can see how we begin to move away from the shore. Emotions double, yet only 10 hours and we will be in Ibiza. Sally fell asleep quickly, I have looked through the maps and information you wrote down in your home, then secured luggage and fell asleep without cartoons.

Peace and quiet, sleep ... bimmm, ladies and gentleman, sounded Marine information ... jumped out of my sleeping bag like a shot, I soon uncovered the curtains, 6:30 am ... on horizon land. And after sleeping banana on the face and the never. It certainly Ibiza and its capital Eivissa! He not long later stood behind us sleeping couple who turned out to be the one met in the port of Barcelona. Good. From word to word with Kate and David offered us a lift with Eivissy to San Antonio. Hmm, good to power! David works in Ibiza, builds, develops, on the road to Sant Antoni de Portmany gave us some tips and suggested a meeting.

Camping Cala Bassa

From Eivissa (Ibiza), the island's capital to San Antonio are two routes, including one highway with a length of just over 12 km. Kasia with David tossed us to the station in San Antonio, where further urban PKSem went to Cala Bassa. Town, or rather village Cala Bassa it is located about 13 kilometers from San Antonio, the second largest town on the island. The village offers nothing except a camping, a restaurant, and a beautiful beach. After arriving at the camp, we chose a place under the tent and we put him on his feet, then went to boil water in cups tourist, which, poured soup out of the bag. Hmm, cook with me, no. The soup was very salty. In the first version I fell blame on Winiary, but later it turned out, at this campground just flies salty tap water ;-)

Cala Bassa

Cala Bassa is the real deal! Turquoise, warm sea in the bay allowed us to bathe at 21:00 the same day. Around the beach you do not see any buildings. After his return to the campsite there was a nice atmosphere, and that some subtle guitar riffs, and that someone grills, we have prepared a meal and went to bed. Yes, yes, but ... how to sleep more than 25 degrees prevailing at 23:00? In the tent heat. It was our first night together in a tent, in addition, about 2600 kilometers from home. In fact, it was hard to sleep because it was hot and a man so unaccustomed to sleeping on a mattress in a sleeping bag. The next day I woke up unless the first campground was 6:30. I leaned my head out of the tent and I was shocked. People here do not sleep in tents and on mattresses next :-)

Camping Cala Bassa has two serious drawbacks. One of them is salt water in the tap, the other is the high prices in the shop on the campsite dictated by the 3.5-kilometer distance to the nearest supermarket. Mineral water at a campground, still water cost 2 ?, where the same water in the Spar supermarket in Eivissie or San Antonio cost of 0.20 ?.

Cala Codolar

The next day after breakfast we went to the beach Codolar. To reach it, we came walking 3.5 kilometers to the main road, and in turn we were able to catch the foot, which arrived in the vicinity of the beach and the beach Codolar Comte. From the moment you leave the vehicle merry Spaniard, we have been about two kilometers, which beat the hill in 30 minutes. Codolar is a wonderful, pushed inland bay, very atmospheric, intimate. On the beach we ate breakfast, we spent about four hours here and then we went back to the point where we got out of the car and went to walk about 1.5 kilometers to the beach Comte.

Cala Comte

Comte Beach consists of three beautiful beaches, including two bays of pristine fabulous shade of turquoise! Coves of Cala Comte pressed into the picturesque cliff rocks made considerable impression on us :-) On Cala Comte can get from eg. Sant Antoni de Portmany city bus. There is a also an atmospheric bar, situated slightly above sea level with views on three sides of the world. Recommended!

Cala Tarida

Tarida beach with a length of about one kilometer is one of the most popular beaches on the island, and also the longest, offering white sand in the western part of the island. The colors of the sea have become accustomed. Everywhere they are very intensely turquoise, beautiful. Tarida is also a small town, where there are several shops. On the beach we spent about three hours after which we decided to choose the neighboring Cala Moli.

Cala Moli

Cala Moli got walk from the Cala Tarida in about 50 minutes, and honestly I have to admit that it was the right decision. First, the long descent and the same long approach, and Cala Moli not offer anything interesting. From such a rocky bay squeezed in the land, has left us with a good supply of water, and did not give anything in return. The only plus of this walk, she was able to see how diverse can be an island.

The next morning and spent the afternoon at Cala Bassa. About 16 hours packed up the tent and returned last bus to San Antonio. In the end, we will have access to normal food prices!

Sant Antoni de Portmany

The town of Sant Antoni de Portmany is one of the most important tourist centers, is also a city in which it is impossible to get bored. Dance clubs, several beaches, coves, large station buses offering connections to almost all other towns on the island, numerous shops, bars and the port, from where you can go eg. On the island of Formentera reassured us that we should stay here for a long time and we were ... to the end of your stay in Ibiza. Beach in San Antonio, located in the city center, right on the harbor offering a clean, warm sea water (a pleasant surprise at the end of the port, fuel, ships) with a turquoise-colored and long approach. The only drawback to the beach is a very large number of jellyfish, bypassing movement, which prevails in the city center.

Cafe Del Mar

San Antonio offers something more. It's right here, right by the sea is legendary Chill outs pub Cafe Del Mar. At this point, I fulfill my dream! I got, I'm happy. Apart from the rather trashy look inside Cafe Del Mar and the first contact me slightly disappointed, I must admit that the evenings spent in this place is real poetry. When the sun is slowly setting, the speaker emits Chill outs light, atmospheric, spatial note, which was launched just by DJs Cafe Del Mar. There is no lighting effects, in addition to ... the setting sun, the red - yellow - purple glow illuminates the faces of everyone present. That's how I imagined it. Free places lacks two hours before each screening - sunset. As I mentioned earlier, Chill Out sunset is the essence of life, he was also our quintessential fun in Ibiza. Almost every night I came in here with Sally to watch sunsets, blend in, to live this moment with people from different parts of the world, and every West ended numerous applause. It was a great experience. On the other hand Chill outs pub is shop corporate Cafe Del Mar offering różniaste gadgets, plates associated only with Cafe Del Mar Chill out certificates.

Nearby Cafe Del Mar is among the famous Cafe Mambo where you can listen to tracks freshest, newest. Ibiza is a hotbed trance, house, chill out, and others. It is amazing that in every store flies note perfectly in line with the offered goods on the shelves. Here everything is made to measure, to measure this day, to measure lansu and portfolio tourist.

Camping San Antonio

It is located near the road leading out of the city, about 5 minutes walk from the center. The campground is located a few bungalows, sanitary facilities, swimming pool and space designated for tents. The first day we went to about 23, and in conversation we came to the conclusion that we are here to pitch from the beginning of your stay on the island and commute among others Cala Bassa or Tarida city bus. About 23 heard great boooom, boooom, boooom. It boooom is just one of the discos. After the second night of camping in San Antonio accustomed to, there was no exit ;-)

Cala des Moro

Moro beach is a small beach (about 50 meters), located at the big hotels, right on the concrete pedestrian area of San Antonio. Beach without climate, but nice not stopped us for a long time. Path running along the sea we arrived at the next two beaches of Cala Gracio and Cala Gracionetta.

Cala Gracio

Cala Gracio located north of the city of San Antonio, is a lovely cove, where you can find a place for yourself, ideal for those learning to swim. Cala Gracio offers a deliciously warm turquoise water and a fairly intimate atmosphere. It was one of our favorite coves in Ibiza and sincerely recommend it, especially for families with children. Nearby Cala Gracio is located even lower, sweety Cala Gracionetta.

Cala Gracioneta

Finding a place to Cala Gracioneta always bordered on the miraculous, cove is wonderful. It offers an intimate atmosphere of 101%, since the capacity of a sudden a dozen towels tourists. Who is lucky the rest intimate, using the beauty Gracioneta.

The next day of our stay in Ibiza, in the morning we went to the city bus to the other side of the island to the town of Santa Eularia des Riu. Once we got there, we continued our trip on foot in the direction of Cala Llonga. We tried to catch the foot, because as it turned out, access from Santa Eularia des Riu Cala Llonga it's not such a quick thing, the road ran uphill, + 34 degrees in the shade. After about three kilometers, I started waving at everything that moves and thus stopped the Renault 4. got out of the car smiling young boy, then opened the back door and began to mount the rear seat. He threw us a bit, great! Sam's ride was different than all of them. These old cars create the right climate while driving, show thoughts technical 60s :-) last century.

Cala Llonga

Deeply indented inland bay offering a wide sandy beach, we immediately fell to taste. We stayed here using a warm, crystal clear sea until late afternoon. The beach is surrounded by both hotels, pubs, bars as vast hills covered with pine trees. The shell creates a pleasant, diverse climate. Cala Llonga is a typical flourishing and vibrant seaside resort with numerous facilities. With Cala Llonga we went by bus to Santa Eularia.

Santa Eularia des Riu

Santa Eularia is the third largest city on the island of Ibiza. It is also one of the most important tourist resorts on the island. Just like in San Antonio, here are numerous pubs, restaurants, galleries, exclusive shops, a concrete promenade along the sea, marina etc. Unfortunately lacked us time to walk along the promenade that leads from the new port in the center of town to the old Roman bridge, offering a walk along the town and the sea, because we had to get to the other side of the island and the bus which waited was the last of the day.


The next day in the morning we went for a day to the island's capital, Eivissy or if you prefer Ibiza, because the capital is accompanied by both names. It is the third most populated city after Balerarów Palma, Mallorca, and Mahon in Menorca. Ibiza is the name of a modern, in turn, Eivissa is the name of the indigenous. The island's capital is the seat of government and bishopric, it lies at an altitude 100m.n.p.m. The city consists of three parts - the upper town Dalt Vila surrounded by fortifications, a solid wall, laid out with evenly cut blocks like blocks. City of bottom fishing district of Sa Penya and the new city of Marina, stretching the harbor promenade.

The capital of the island we reached about 9 am, street thermometer in the shade indicated temperature of 30 degrees. Walk the Eivissie started from Dalt Vila, where time flows differently than in the resorts. Idyll, no crowds, drunken Angola, the lack of pomp, 24 hours of fun. City walls, with seven bastions artillery was built in the sixteenth century. As the name indicates the area - the upper town, old town is located at the top of the capital and is an excellent vantage point. It stretches from here a fantastic panorama of the city lower, Sa Penya district and harbor. Visible was also Referrers airport and airplanes, but center is about 10 kilometers from the capital.

Herbowa Gate (Portal de ses Taules), the main entrance gate to the old city, is one of the gates that lead from the lower to the upper town. The gate once protected drawbridge, now protects only the ramp. We decided to enter from the other side, from the side of the square right next to the ramparts, and also the place where we had the first and last breakfast in the open air in the capital.

In the district of Dalt Vila we could see, among others, Town Hall, which is housed in a former convent in which it is worth looking to the meeting room, decorated with paintings depicting the history of the island. From the outside, we saw a fortified manor, which is the focal point of Dalt Vila. Successively we visited the Cathedral of Santa Maria de ses Neus - Our Lady of the Snows, whose architecture reflects the vicissitudes of the history of the island and the Baroque monastery - the church of Santo Domingo was built at the end of the sixteenth century, which deserve special attention decorated vault ceiling and decorated with tiled floors preserved in very good condition. In the old town you can also visit the archaeological museum, which holds the most interesting finds from the area of ??Ibiza and Formentera and contemporary art museum, which is housed in a former armory gate. This museum contains works by artists from Ibiza, from the twentieth century. After a walk along the avenue leading walls, we went to the district of Sa Penya.

Sa Penya

Sa Penya, the lower city. A place that its climate and originality went to our senses. A maze of narrow streets surrounded by whitewashed houses. A place where hangs over the heads of fresh, fragrant laundry and with the falling drops, cool our hot heat of the body. Sa Penya is also unique shops, boutiques, cafes climate, original memorabilia, is also a small vegetable market, fish and of course some straganików offering CDs, among others, Chill Out music, coming from Cafe Del Mar. After a walk through the lower town we went to the harbor to check offer companies offering day trips to Formentera.

In the podwieczornych met in Eivissie with friends they met in Barcelona, ??where the beer purchased in Mc'Donalds (not available in Poland) we went to their hiacendy, and subsequently spent the evening together at one of the beaches in the area Salin. The day went off perfectly. Thanks to Barry and Dave! Hola Eivissa!

Cala Salada

Two days after returning from Eivissy, we decided to go on foot from Sant Antoni de Portmany to Cala Salada. The maps showed that the asphalt road we should get there after about 2.5 kilometers. In fact, it turned out that Cala Salada is located just over 5 km from Sant Antoni de Portmany. The city was not as terrible as the road itself, which first led us all the time laboriously up and up the hill and up again (after the road was not a single grocery store where we could buy water, and mineral water, preferably cold is Life! Without it, or move) to turn many bends lead us to the beach. About toil reaching forgot at first glance to Cala Salada. The world championship! This is the real Ibiza away from the hustle and heat of it there is a real chill out, this is where turquoise is extremely intense, this is where lizards podjadały us lunch from the backpack! Bay of Cala Salada offers two beautiful beaches, pressed deep into the land and numerous ledges of which, among others, You can jump to the perfectly warm turquoise sea. And the beach a few fishing huts, a few garages for boats and two beach restaurants. Cala Salada is our trophy, it is our joint top they Ibiza is the perfect place to pitch a tent and enjoy the sunset together!

Cala Portinatx

Portinatx, town located in the northern part of Ibiza offers a wonderful bay of Cala Portinatx, shrouded in a blue flag. An ideal place for all those beautiful shade of sand, gorgeous turquoise, hot water, wide shoal, lack of wind are just a few advantages of Cala Portinatx. There is no shortage, of course, everything is related to tourism. The road to Portinatx is quite picturesque, on the way to the village we met, among others, Numerous white peasant cottages, windmills, defensive tower, generally typical island atmosphere. In Cala Portinatx spent the better part of the day and then returned by bus to San Antonio just before sunset.

Ses Salines

Salina was the last place we visited while on the island. Ses Salines is a region brine pools, located in the south of Ibiza, as well as broad, long, surrounded by pine trees, sandy beach offers numerous water attractions (including renting catamarans, diving school), ideal for long walks. After about three hours of use of the water - solar attractions, we went for a walk along the beach, but in places the sand was so hot that prevented further hike barefoot. Thus we reached the fortified tower, located on the shores of the sea, about two kilometers in a straight line from our beach towel ;-)

Another day spent in Ibiza passed idyllic. In one of these days we sailed visit the sister island of Ibiza - the island of Formentera (described in a separate photo-relation). Other days are also walks, pubs, sunsets rhythm Chill Out, meeting friends we met at the port of Barcelona, ??shopping and so on.

After nearly three weeks spent in Ibiza, it's time to return home. On the last day, at noon we packed our budget hotel, took a shower and went to Eivissy, where, at 19, had put out in the way back to Barcelona. Until departure met me funny situation in the port toilet. The Spaniard took a cab at that time I washed my face in the mirror and noticed how behind the door of that cabin emerges from his terrified face. I turn around, and the poor boy asks ... (he) is out of paper? (I) start to look and say that there is (on) a great terror in his eyes, hrrrrrmmmmmmmmm oooooooo, perhaps next to the cabin (I) glanced and say that, unfortunately, no. The boy was terrified so much that his eyes were temporarily higher than the head, (he) hrrrmmmmm ooooooooooooooooooo, (he) sits back and thinks. What was done, I abandoned him last packet of tissues. At the time of the transfer guy he did feel the most happy man on earth. Of course, he said with joy on his lips, was his best friend. ... I saved his ass.

On the way to Barcelona we sailed through Majorca. In Mallorca we had a short stop in the port of Palma, after which I walked in 2006. Agatka a while she could feel the atmosphere of another of the islands of the Balearic Islands. When she heard that we are currently in Mallorca, he was so taken over that sleepy jumped out of the sleeping bag to look at the island's capital. Through the window at night you can see it was not much, but it was not difficult to see a beautifully lit, majestic cathedral in the capital of Mallorca.


After returning from the first trip to Ibiza we felt for a long time wanting. This small island made a big impression on us. In mid-August 2011, I found a moment to look at a leisurely term "cheap flights". From page to page, from forum to forum. Slowly I am gathering information n / t cheap flying small-budget airlines. After several days of analysis I decided to buy tickets. Tickets were to provide us with a connection to Krakow to Bergamo (Italy). We had to fly just for the pizza. When the first transaction was successful, appetite increased. Thus for the next few minutes, I was the owner of tickets from Krakow to Bergamo from Bergamo to Valencia (Spain). Agatka very pleased that moment but breathe from Polish.

The next day, on the way to work I thought maybe Valencia can go somewhere else, it was a great deal! I brought home printed tickets Valencia - Ibiza. The smile on the face of his wife do not write because I can not grasp it in words :-) This way we got together for the second time on the Balearic Islands. Along the way we visited the Italian Bergamo and the Spanish city of Valencia, but more on that in a separate relationships. Before flying to Ibiza booked the hotel in Sant Antoni de Portmany through booking.com.

After several days after the booking received information that the hotel does not have a satisfactory occupancy and will be closed from October, but ... in exchange for the situation they offer us in a better hotel and better location. It's called professional approach to solving the problem. Thus, for 45zł we had accommodation in a great location - the very center of the second largest town on the island with full board. Yeah. Remaining countdown to the outlet.

Outlet to Ibiza from Valencia took place in the morning, the flight lasted only 28 minutes. Ibiza 8 October we were greeted by about 8:00 in the morning rainy weather. He is going to be a cool day with cloud in the background, so we took the glass decision not to go to the hotel, just visit the cave Cova Can Marca, located near the port of Port de Sant Miquel. Cave got pretty fast urban public transport.

After buying tickets we lined up in a queue to enter. Guide began to divide, Angielski language to the left, to the right deutsch. We were in the middle, you smiled so I ask, and polish? With Germany we do not go, I joked. Thus, I realized that we were the only "other" among a large group waiting at the entrance. Okay, we enter.

Cave Can Marca

The descent into the cave is curiously located side a cliff. Underfoot in places just crashing on the rocks waves. In the background drew the bay and Puerto de San Miquel at the same time and the villa, probably a rich man. The cave Can Marca Cave is located about 25km from Sant Antoni de Portmany, our final residence and about 20km from the capital, Eivissy. It has over 100tys. years and is located about 14m.n.p.m. They found her apparently smugglers, who hid it in their products. Most of the remnants of the past and any findings indicative of life forms in a cave was given to the museum in order to present the prehistoric fauna of the ancient lands of the Mediterranean. Grotto was made available to tourists in the 80s of the last century. Today the cave is illuminated by a series of corridors, lakes and the rooms in which the visitor can look at the formations and naciekom in the form of stalactites and stalagmites. At the end of the cave walk is held very mini-show, which is illuminated with different colors artificial waterfall combined with a light background music. Is it worth to visit the cave? The assessment is left to you.

After leaving the cave on foot went to Port de Sant Miquel a little shopping. The nearest bus to Eivissy had only for 90 minutes. The weather is still not dopisywała. Light rain to change the clouds overlooking the October sun. Bay of Sant Miquel we think is worth a visit on a sunny day, and perhaps one day swim here in interesting circumstances, weather :-)

Around 14:30 we got a bus to the capital of the island, and from there another bus straight to Sant Antoni de Portmany. Unfortunately, direct bus to Port de Sant Miquel Sant Antoni de Portmany is available only to the end of September, so we had to change trains Eivissie.

In the hotel at the time of receiving the keys to the room I asked in Spanish for the bill. The receptionist did not really understand what I mean, because you can ask for the bill in the restaurant and in the hotel invoice. Oh, did not I think of that, that the invoice to invoice, and the like :-) Key we have evidence of the distance, so we're going to take a quick shower and walk to the Cafe del Mar.

We leave the hotel ... about the sun came out! In the end, we feel that we are in Ibiza. Walk along the marina of Sant Antoni de Portmany head to Cafe Del Mar. Along the way we visit our favorite stores. Not much has changed in these two years, but you see that in October it was not July. Empty stores, not many people on the streets, in pubs or cafes gardens. Despite this, very agreeably, without crowding.

The first day in Ibiza in 2011, we can comment unequivocally - the island is not nicely greeted us, but apparently in an apology on the first day of the stay provided us with a wonderful sunset on Sunset Boulevard Cafe del Mar sunset. The next days passed in Ibiza idyllic. We visited three favorite beaches, Cala Gracio, Cala Gracioneta and Cala Salada which this time we got a little safe trail along the cliff on the occasion of visiting the Cap Negret. Description w / in bays located in the relationship in 2009. Nights spent while on walks in the light of the setting sun in the chill outowych rhythms of Cafe del Mar.

On the fifth day stay on the Balearic island in the morning we headed to the airport for less than 30 minutes to glide to Valencia, and the next day to Bologna, Italy, and then to Krakow's Balice.

One thing is for sure. Ibiza is beautiful both in summer and autumn.


Ibiza third time? It really was not planned. This time for 14 days. The island reached thanks to cheaper charter airline Enter Air, tickets bought in TUIfly. Ibiza visited in mid-July, when the holiday and season - took home the best. Bars, restaurants and beaches we found filled with tourists on the mileage. This time we decided to visit the places where we did not get before.

Es Canar

Our next trip to Ibiza began at the airport in Katowice, and the adventure began on the site of Es Canar, picturesque, pleasant town with a campsite, a few sandy beaches, numerous taverns, shops and prices under the German clientele. Es Canar is located about 27km from the airport, in the north - eastern part of the island. The advantage of the village is a noticeable lack despite the holiday season, large group of young tourists from Germany or the UK. That's a pretty good place to relax for families with children.

Camping Es Canar, where we spent a few days characterized by higher prices for staying in comparison to eg. The camping site in Sant Antoni de Portmany, but it is better equipped, is bigger and much more well-kept. After reaching the place and broken tent went on the first walk around the neighborhood. The pleasant promenade extending along the edge of the cliff partly got to the first, very nice beach of Cala Nova.

Cala Nova

Cala Nova is a wide, sandy, long beach with a gentle entrance into the sea. It is situated between the town of Es Canar and Sant Carles de Peralta. On a small cliff, right on the beach is a very nice restaurant with a beautiful view of the sea to the horizon. Surrounding the beach is a little wild, natural, overgrown with pine trees. Very cool place to relax any time of day.

On the way back from the Cala Nova camping Es Cana stopped for a few moments at the city beach of Playa Es Canar. The ideal beach for families with children. Located almost in the center of the village, wide, sandy and shallow with a gentle descent to the sea, many water equipment rentals and bars serving Spanish cuisine. The next day of our stay went walking promenade along the sea to the beach of Cala Llenya.

Cala Llenya

Beach, or rather bay of Cala Llenya is one of the most beautiful in this part of the island. Broad, long, fairly shallow in places with gold fine sand, surrounded by reddish cliff and pine trees. There are water equipment rentals and restaurants.

After spędzieniu longer part of the day at Cala Llenya season afternoon we went for a walk in the proximal and distal center of Es Canar. We came, among others, a pleasant bar with lodges and pool and sea views. Chill Out! The next day the streets of the town we went for a walk leading to Cala Boix - Cala Bosch. Along the way we passed a typical Balearic type of building, low white houses, surrounded by numerous flowers and palm trees.

Cala Boix

The beach is located about 7km from Es Canar. We got to her foot, but we still drive. The beach itself did not do us a positive impression. Small, surrounded by high cliffs and the only one on the island with a dark gray sand.

Cala Mastella

Cala Mastella arrived late in the afternoon on the way back from Cala Boix. This is one of the smallest beaches on the island. Rocky, very intimate and pristine, pressed deep into the land. Of course we not refused a time to swim with a snorkel and mask. Because of the rocky bottom of the sea it was unutterably calm, warm and transparent.

The next day we brought our tent for camping in San Antonio. Es Canar for us was a little too calm, otherwise we wanted to visit our favorite beaches on the other side of the island.

The first day on this side of the island was spent in the center of Sant Antoni de Portmany and in port, and an evening at Cafe del Mar. Otherwise embarrassing;-)

The next day we visited Es Pouet, beach hire shop just behind the promenade in San Antonio. Pleasant place where a lot going through proximity to the center. This is another nice beach for families with children because of the shallow sea.

Port des Torrent

After a long spent time on the beach of Es Pouet we went for a walk down the main street towards Port des Torrent with a pleasant beach Es Torrent. We arrived, though it was not easy due to the high temperature for the month of July should. Sandy beach in the port Torrent were crowded, its nearest surroundings are many hotels overlooking the sea. On the way back we stopped for a few moments on the beach of Punta Xinxo and Es Pinet. In the evening, we have gained a stroll around the harbor and the old town of Sant Antoni de Portmany, and the sunset was spent at Cafe del Mar.

Further days on Ibiza spent on the beaches in the area of ??Sant Antoni de Portmany. We not refused a bath at Cala Gracio or nearby, the tiny Cala Gracioneta. We arrived at the foot of our favorite beaches in Ibiza - Cala Salada and Cala Bassa. All in / in space in parts previously described relationship.

Third stay on the island remember very well and we are delighted that once again we had the opportunity to spend several days in the Balearic Islands. In summary, a total of Ibiza spent 1.5 months. Smażing, plażing and Cafe del Mar. That is the Ibiza! Do come again? Maybe it's time to Minorca.


Beer Cafe Del Mar : 6?
Wine 70cl : 1,5?
Mineral water at Cala Bassa Camping : 2?
Mineral water at EroSki, Spar : 0,2? za 1,5l. 3? za 8l.
Fanta, Coca Cola, Sprite 2l. : 2,5?
Milk 0,5l. : 1?
Baguette : 0,90?
Toasted Bread : 1,60?
Flora Margarine : 1,40?
Danone Yoghurt 4 pax : 1,20?
Sausage 8 pax : 1?
Egs 6 pax : 1?
Pringels : 1,50?
Ice cream (pax) : 1,6?
English Breakfast : 5,5?
Dinner : 8? - 22?
Pizza : 6,5?
Pizza at Cala Bassa Camping : 6,5?
Postcard : 0,35?
Stamp : 0,65?
Clubbing : ES 40?, Eden 25?, Amnesia 40?, Privilege 30?, Pacha 47?, El Divino 25?, Space 35?

Tickets & tarifs

Cala Bassa Camping : 10?/per.
San Antonio Camping : 9,5?/per.
Roca Camping Blanes : 12?/per.
Don Pepe Hotel San Antonio : 11?/per.
Train ticket Blanes - Barcelona : 4,35?/per.
Bus ticket : 1,25? - 2,80?, nocny DiscoBus : 3?/per.
Rent a car : 85?/day
Formentera Ferry (round trip) : 30?/per.
Ferry Barcelona - Ibiza - Barcelona : 110?/per.


The island can communicate in almost any language. Public transport runs on an island with an accuracy of seconds, the fleet is air-conditioned. Prices on Ibiza are very different. Three cheapest grocery chains Spar is, Eroski, and so the bunny logo. Ibiza is a land of contrasts, everyone will find something for themselves.

Backpacker travel to Ibiza once again confirmed my belief that it is worthwhile in life have both dreams and the desire to implement these. The island was very diverse. Trip to Ibiza was the best of my life, the most adventurous, probably due to the fact that we held it together on their own, and this type of travel carry a lot of sensational impressions and funny situations. Trip went up 100%.


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To travel is to live, H.Ch. Andersen used to say. Travel with us. We share a uniqe passion :-)

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